Friday, May 23, 2014

Decorating and Organizing For Less $$$

Flea Market and garage sale treasures is a simple and effective way to decorating.
Check out what I found in my treasure hunts and how I organize things in baskets, its lovely.
Decorating and creating a headboard with hats.

Wooden items like these make a pretty statement in any bathroom.

I'm a sucker for white dishes. I have several patterns and they all work well when serving a meal. 

Old books on an old black platter does look great.

Old fabrics make a bed look vintage and cozy.

Used iron lamp purchased for $1...becomes a great vintage treasure once its been repainted.

I am an organizing freak. Everything has to have a place and neatly organized to make me feel good. Baskets are so fabulous to use when organizing.

Suitcase for organizing, of course.

A lovely bedroom.

Covered shoe boxes are fabulous when organizing small items like nail polishes, office supplies and extra paper.

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