Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Cleaning, Organizing & Inventory of Stock

Most of you all know by now that I keep a well stocked up food storage. As an extreme couponer this is our trademark...stocking up a bit of everything in large quantities.
Two weeks ago a did a good clean out of my food storage, cupboards and kitchen pantry. Everything was organized, cleaned and a large inventory of needed items were added to the notebook for stocking up.
This is the kitchen pantry. I keep this closet stocked up and when it dwindles down I bring out of the stock pile to fill it up again. Here it is cleaned and stocked.
As a gluten free vegan I keep the mesh shoe hanger on the right side very well stocked with all my specialty flours and seasonings.

the other side view...

There is never enough paper towels.

And when my kitchen pantry goes down in products I just need to open this door to my food storage. This room has everything in large quantities. The large bins are full of cosmetics, bath soaps, toothpaste, razors & tooth brushes.
Here is one side.

Here's part of the top.

another side

5 shelves full of shampoos & conditioners

Large amounts of toilet paper, napkins and dish detergents that I got for free.

Here is one cosmetic bin...there are now a total of 3 bins full of makeup.

Now that those closets are done, I must now do the linen closet. Until then keep cleaning and keep organizing.

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