Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hanging Shoe Organizers Are Not Only For Shoes

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As Spring continues to refresh us with sunshine and great weather, let us also continue on our Spring cleaning and organizing.
Many of you have hanging shoe organizers in your bedroom closets...but these great organizers are not only good for shoes, they can organize in place many small items that need a proper home.
In my home, there's a hanging shoe organizer hanging from the inside of every closet door I have. They organize everything that is needed in that room. 
Lets begin with the bathroom.
In the bathroom we use many items to keep us bath soaps, toothpaste & toothbrushes, razors, floss, colognes...etc...etc.
Finding places to store these items requires drawers, baskets and closets...which can become costly. Why not try a hanging shoe organizer hanging behind the bathroom door to house all those items, like the one I have in my home.
Everything fits nicely and at your fingertips when needed.

They are great to hang inside the kitchen pantry. My organizing shoe hanger holds all my specialty gluten free vegan flours, baking sprays, envelope spices & honey.
As an extreme couponer I have too much of everything, so inside my food storage closet I have one organizer holding extra dental floss, toothbrushes, lip care & lip gloss, popcorn, mustard, razors and vitamins.

If you are in need of organizing many small items around your home, try using hanging shoe organizers, they can make life a bit easier and lighter on the wallet.
By living frugally, we can stay away from debt.
Have a great week.

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