Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Bathroom Shelf Makeover

Hi Everyone
I hope you are all doing well.
Here at home its been a ruff last 2 weeks for me, but now that all my medical tests came out negative, I am happy.  Throughout all the x-rays, scans and many tests done I have been trying to complete my long "to do" list. I wanted to share with you what I did with a shelf in my bathroom. This bathroom really needed a mini makeover and I will be sharing slowly what I have done to it before I show the completed mini makeover.
Here is my shelf, it was a cream color and it looks sad next to my cream walls. So check out what I did with it.

This is the before shelf...(2) pictures

This is the after photo and this is the way it is now.
This is what I did with the shelf:
I painted the shelf with a satin green base taupe color and after 2 coats I then stained the shelf with a brown stain; rubbing the stain off as soon as I applied it with a rag and then I re-staining it once more to give it an aged look. After I did that I lightly sanded the edges all the way around the shelf with a light grade sanding paper just to age it even more.
 I love it.
The bottom photo is one of the ways I first arranged it...but I wasn't happy with it. The shelf color looks great.
 I had this intricate silver frame in my closet. I removed the glass and I hot glued a smaller frame in the center of the large frame,  I then glued an old broach I had in my jewelry box that had my initial on it and this is what I made for the shelf. I think its beautiful.

I added one of my black 40's purse and black hat, a wooden carved vase and a small amber gold glass beehive...this is the accent color in the bathroom. 
It looks lovely

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