Monday, March 10, 2014

Hanging Family Photos

When you are a frugal person you always try to do things for less. Though money may not be the object for many, for me its a wise decision with or without money.
Today I am making a family wall full of photographs. This entire wall was done for only $6 dollars and you can do it too.
I went to a few local thrift stores in search of wooden photo frames (all sizes). I brought them home and painted some of them in black, some of them were left in its original color because they were lovely. The red plague above my frames was a free gift I won in one of my fellow bloggers giveaway post. The plague was a must keep and it embraced my family's character very well. 
Hanging photos can be a challenging task, but here's my tip on this matter.
1. Before starting your photo wall, place all the frames on the floor. On the floor you can move them around and rearrange them until you find a good way of placing them on the wall.
2. Start your wall by using a plague or a large photograph. This large piece will be your starting point. This will anchor and balance your wall evenly.
3. You can place the large piece on the top of the wall or on the center of the wall. This large frame will be your starting point. I started with the plaque on the very top and I centered it on the wall...that was my starting point.
3. Place another photo right below your intro photo or plague to balance and anchor the center of the photo wall. I put in my wall another plague below the first plaque before I put in my large photograph which is my family. Your own family should always be the main photo on your family wall. My family wall has my family, it has cousins, my mom, and some special events my kids had in their my son's wedding photo along with some family reunion photos of cousins that only see each other in family reunions-funerals and family weddings.

4. Work yourself downward and out to the sides one photo at a time. Every time you place a photograph on the wall take a moment to step back and analyze the wall to see if the wall is balanced and properly arranged.
Add photos as events begin to arrive and always remember you can paint your frames all the same color or in different colors. The skies the limit when creativity begins.
But always remember you do not need to buy new and expensive frames, you can find some gorgeous frames at your local thrift stores and Goodwill. It only takes a can of spray paint and you are done. Another tip Family Dollar has spray paint cans for $1 dollar-another way to go when being frugal.
Have a great frugalicious day.

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