Saturday, March 1, 2014

Free Items Obtained in February with Coupons

As an extreme couponer I get many free items that I obtain from sales with my manufacturer's coupons. I usually come home with too much free stuff so I end up donating a lot of them or I give them away to someone in need.
This last month I got all these cosmetics for the following day went out again and I got 50 or more of each of these item at another store. This year I am making Christmas bags full of cosmetics for my family and friends with all the makeup I will be getting for free throughout the year. So check out what I got this last month on one trip to one pharmacy. 

In total I got 109 eye pencils, 49 nail polishes, 42 lipsticks and 18 bronzers.

I got 1 Suave men's body wash & 3 Fabuloso cleaner & 22 Reach & Colgate toothbrushes.

3 packs of Bic pens

18 lipstick glossers & 12 eye shadows

Plus 14 powder concealers by Loreal.
Everything was free.

If you wish to become an extreme couponer go to my label..."Extreme Couponing Instructions" and learn how to get almost everything for free...good luck.
Have a Frugalicious week.

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