Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Beauty of Paint...Before and After Bedroom Furniture

Ohhhh, the beauty of paint.
 It allows you to do some great things.
It can restore life to any room or furniture and it can change any drab décor to fab.
For the past few months now I have been looking at my bedroom dresser and night stand and it kept screaming at me..."I NEED A FACE LIFT!"
So this past Monday I drove up to Home Depot to check out their paint colors. I did have in mind a taupe shade and as I looked at their various brands Glidden had a taupe color that I fell in love with.
I got 1 quart of this color in a semi gloss which turned out I can wipe down with Murphy's oil soap and it will end up great for cleaning. 

This is the color.
It is taupe with a green base...I love it.

While I was there I saw that they had some mis-tints in their close-out area, so I picked up these 3 small tubs for .50 cents each for another project I am working on.

So as I was saying my dresser had not been painted for 8 years and it looked bad, check the before photos of the chips on my dresser.

This is my dresser before painting...


Here is the finished dresser...

I love the top of the dresser, it is gorgeous and I got this piece of furniture for $80.00 after I bargained the lady down from her asking price of $145.00.

Here are photos of the night stand before...
It looked awful and because it was black I could not keep it cleaned, no matter how many times a week I cleaned it.

Here is the after...

If you are planning to give your furniture a face lift with paint here are some steps to keep in mind.
1. Sand the furniture with a low grade sand paper to smooth off any rough edges.
2. Then make sure the furniture you are painting is well cleaned with soap & water or you can use "Mineral Spirits" found at any paint store. Mineral Spirits will remove any grease stains and grime that may be on the wood (like kitchen cabinets)...this is very important before priming & painting any furniture especially kitchen cabinets.
3. If you are going from a dark shade to a light shade, you will need to prime it first to prevent the dark color from seeping through the light shade. I did not need to do this to my furniture because my black paint served as my primer and it darkened the color down 1 shade which is what I wanted...I'm not fond of light it worked out great for me.
4. You can have the primer tinted to a close shade to match your new color, this does cut down on your precious time.
5. Use a semi gloss finish for easier cleaning.
Good luck and enjoy painting.

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