Sunday, February 9, 2014

Garage Sale Finds...Part 2

Being frugal doesn't mean you are cheap, it really means you are conscious of how hard you work for your money and you do not want to throw it out the window. Being frugal allows you to enjoy nice things without over spending.
Thrift stores and garage sales are great places to find some beautiful things to furnish your home for very little money. If you are a go getter like me and can paint or stain furniture or re-purpose things to decorate your home then garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores is the place for you to go for almost anything.  I buy almost everything I need to furnish my home in these places but I will not buy bath towels, beddings, pillows or under clothes in those places. Furniture is great to buy there except a new mattress do not buy a used one.
The furniture you find in these places are usually made of solid wood and will last you for many years to come.
Here is part 2 of some things I have found at garage sales & thrift stores.
I wanted to have all my vinaigrette's handy at all times, but the lovely crystal bottles I wanted for them were to expensive. So I spent one Summer searching through thrift stores and garage sales looking for beautiful decorative vintage glass bottle. Most of the bottles I bought were liquor bottles. I bought them for $1 to $2 dollars a piece. I soaked them in bleach & hot water for a couple of days and then after a good scrubbing with soap, more bleach & water they came out like new.
 Now they look lovely in my kitchen.
I also found glass jars to house in thrift stores to house my quinoa, brown sugar, oatmeal, stevia & raw sugar sweeteners.
If you live in a small apartment like I do, space is a great commodity.
I use baskets to house many things.
The top one is my sewing basket, the second one has all my colored ribbons, the third one has my window valances and the last one houses my extra office hanging files. The nice thing about baskets they decorate the house real nice serving 2 purposes in any small space.

I found this elephant for $10 dollars at a garage sale. The husks were removed by the previous owner...but I love is a beautiful solid wood piece. It weigh 25 lbs.

This basket was found in a rummage sale for $1 dollar...I added the ivy bush and now it looks great in my kitchen.

I am a sucker for white dishes. One year I found this set of white dishes (setting for 8 people) for $4 dollars and I had to buy them.

I found this lovely hand painted lamp for $15 dollars. I got it for that amount after bargaining with the seller for over an hour...she first want $60 dollars for was a steal.
My lovely wooden duck is in my bathroom holding my bath soaps... I got it for $1 dollar.

I found this ottoman in the street. It had a faux leather top and after staining the legs and giving it a nice reupholstering inside & out it looks great in my living room. It also houses my tools.

Its also my tool box.
Thank you for stopping by, see you next week.

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