Sunday, January 5, 2014

Clothes Closet Organization

Hi everyone. Have you all been surviving these snow storms? Here in the Northeastern part of Ohio
we have been overwhelmed with lots of snow and freezing cold temperatures . Thank God my food storage is fully stocked up with food, water & medicine and yesterday I got to go shopping to stock up some more...since an ice storm is suppose to arrive tonight lasting up to 4 days.
After the holidays I always keep myself very busy organizing, purging and rearranging my small 1 bedroom apartment which I love. As a single dweller inside my apartment I always keep it very cleaned and organized...but through time some things tend to be tossed around or misplaced making my little place look like a tornado went through it.
When your living quarters are small like mine it is definitely a must to keep it organized in order for it to look clean. One or two things out of place can create a disaster mess and kayos.
This past Tuesday was my day to purge, clean and organize my closet. It took me all day (from 11am to 8:30pm. And boy did I purge. Due to my food storage being so large I had to use my linen and coat closets closet for my kitchen pantry, shampoos, conditioners and a lot of hair products. That's not counting my huge walk in closet which has the large bulk of my food storage.
 So my clothes closet stores comforters, toss pillows and many other things which you will see in photos below.
So here is my closet before.
Jammed with so much clothes blankets and other junk.
Here is my closet after.

New shoe hanger & some new plastic drawer bins.
Top of the shelves before.

Top of the shelves after being organized.

Toss pillows properly put in place and blankets neatly folded and organized.
This part of the closet was a disaster. And the clothes, lets just say there was too many of them and many of them needed to go.
I hung all the extra hangers on a hook hanger I found this past Summer at a rummage sale for .50 cents.
It worked out fabulously to house those extra hangers and they are out of the way. I also cleaned out and organized that corner next to the hangers.
Where all the clothes were it became a nice organizing nook for extra comforters and pillows for when company come to stay overnight.

Some coats, jumpers and skirts were then organized in that corner.

Its starting to look better.

I purged a lot of purses and some carrying bags and the ones I kept I hung them on hooks on the left side wall in the closet.

An important thing to remember when organizing your closet is to color coordinate your clothes. Put all like colors together like I did. This prevents wasting time finding the piece you want, plus it looks neater and very pretty. Also use plastic or wooden hangers they prevent damaging your clothes.

I hung it on the inside of the closet a shoe hanger that I purchased for $2.98 at our local Marc's discount store...great price and its a thick cloth canvas fabric. I bought 4 of them.
I organized on the top pockets some extra everyday gym shoes and sandals. On the middle some shoe inserts and extra hair brushes. On the bottom I stored some of my office supplies that needed to be stored away.

Even some extra extension cords were organized there.

This is the highlight of my purchases. I went to Walmart to get some plastic drawers for my closet and I saw these for $4.00 each. Some employee had put the wrong price (they were actually $14.99 and $18.99)...they gave them to me for $4.00 each. Now that's a frugalicious deal.

Oops my handle fell off...well its was no big deal, it got put back on.
One important thing I always do is that I label everything. This way I know what's in there.

Scarfs and gloves neatly organized.
And a few extra carrying bags now have a new home.

It sure looks great and I can enter it with no problem.


  1. Oh wow, what a difference! And what a steal on those plastic drawers. Feel free to come to my house anytime:)


    1. they were a real steal. I just wish they would of let me get more of them at that price. thank you for stopping by.