Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another Trash to Treasure Makeover

Hi everyone...
 I sure hope your Christmas was a fabulous one. Ours was very peaceful and quiet together with family.
I have been busy all year but this last week I went to do some service work for a sister in our church and as I was pulling out of her driveway I noticed that she had some furniture out for the trash. After she told me she was throwing some furniture out I asked her if it was okay for me to see what she was throwing out. In this trash pile I found this footstool she was tossing out. So I told her I would take this footstool home and I would make it look like new. So this is what I did with it.
Country style footstool

A little dark stain and a new upholstery fabric made this old 80's footstool look modern and fabulous
Now a modern looking footstool
Total cost $ dollars.
I had all the items to make this trash into treasure.
OH...the sister couldn't believe what I did with it once she saw the photos.

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