Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Dollhouse is Finished...Enjoy.

Well...the dollhouse is complete. After 4 months of working on it with much love and patience my grand-daughter's dollhouse for Christmas is finish...check out all the photos and tell me what you think of it.
It all started with 2 cardboard boxes and 7 empty aluminum foil & toilet paper rolls.
First I wired and glued these 2 boxes together.

Then the roof went up and an empty aluminum foil box wrapped very tight with a piece of brown paper to act like a 2x4 to hold up the 2nd floor level.

Empty aluminum foil rolls became the columns on the outside of the house as well as the support for the roof. They also became decorative pieces on the house. On the photos below you will see those columns beautifully marbled. I am so grateful I was a wall and marble designer for many years. These skills were used throughout this house

I then primed the entire house on the outside.

Living room and kitchen all wallpapered and side walls painted.
Living room ceiling all wallpapered with a bronze metal look to match the wallpaper.

Here is the living room all finished.
All the furniture was made with cardboard boxes, fabric, upholstery trim and hot glue. The rug is a piece of wallpaper trimmed with gold ribbon. I made her 5 different rugs so she could change them whenever she wants. Also none of the furniture is glued or tacked down this way she can rearrange them as well.
The coffee table has 2 miniature copies of the books :A Christmas Carol and Tom Sawyer. Oh there's her zebra rug, one of the 5 I made.
I got the carpeting squares for free at Home Depot, they were sample squares and I got enough to carpeting to do the bedroom and the living room. Every room has lighting thanks to Dollartree. They have everything you need to make this dollhouse and more. I even purchased the wooden furniture there for $1 each. The mirrors were purchased at Michael's for $1 a piece.
Here's the kitchen now that it is all finished.
Here's the kitchen ceiling...wallpapered in a silver tin look.
I made all the appliances from empty raisin boxes, scrap booking paper and for door handles I used craft silver wedding rings cut in half and some hot glue.
Here is the kitchen with the ceiling lights on. Pistachio shells became flower pots on the window sills. I made 6 tablecloths so she can change them often. A wooden piece of furniture became the credenza cabinet.
The stove top was done with 4 dimes and the faucet is made from one piece of a radio ear plug purchased at Dollartree. Check out the door handles...fabulous.
Nice tall side by side fridge made with Styrofoam covered in scrap booking paper and some left over wallpaper from the ceiling. 

The sink was an empty box of matches covered in wallpapered...lovely.

 Here's the bedroom.
I made her 15 bedspreads with matching valances and toss pillows. Her actual bedroom is green so I wanted to bring the green out in her dollhouse bedroom to match her room....this is her favorite color. All the valances are put up with Velcro so she can change them often.
In this photo you can see my copper penny roof. Glued and glazed 4 times so they won't come off and a view of her room.
I even made her a purse and as any woman does she hangs it over a piece of furniture.

Here is the bedroom with the ceiling lights on.


She even has a vanity with a blow dryer and a curling iron...its the other pieces of the ear cool looking, right. And since this dollhouse is for her Pet shop critters I had to put up a photo of them in the bedroom.

Here is the seat I made out of Styrofoam for the vanity with some bling.

Her is the roof all done with copper pennies.
And here's what 2 card boards created.
Here are the marbled columns all finished.
A beautiful wooden stain base for the entrance way and then edged in pennies. Tile floor done with heavy wallpaper. 

Roof before glazing...4 coats.
Roof & columns after lightly staining them and then glazing them...beautiful.
Total spent on this dollhouse...$21.59.
The carpet, wallpaper, fabric, time and patience was free.
All done with love.


  1. how cute, looks fun to play with, very creative-now to get it out the door? lol...

  2. yes Lin, getting it out the door is no problem... getting it in the car all by myself may be a problem.

  3. Millie, I can't believe you did this with your RA! It's so beautiful; I really hope your granddaughter is old enough to appreciate all the hard work you put into it. I love all the little details you added, so wonderful. What a beautiful job. Happy holidays. :-)

    1. BM she's 12 years old but she still plays with her baby dolls. I made the doll house for her Pet Shop animal collection. The size is just right for them. It was difficult to do with my bad hands, it was very painful but a grandma will do anything for her babies. Plus she can pass it down to her little girl someday, a gift from Nana.

  4. Beautiful. Does N have dolls to go in or is it a look only dollhouse. Either waybill be so much fun

    1. I made the doll house for her Pet Shop animal collection. The size of the dollhouse is just right for them. Also it is a gift she can pass down to her little girl someday and if they take care of it maybe it can be passed down to their babies. A gift from their Nana. I wish I lived close to Jocelyn, I would of tried to make one for her little girls.