Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Frugalicious Household Tip...Cleaning the Shower Head

Through time every household shower head becomes full of gunk, hard water elements and slime. It sometimes doesn't spray evenly and it hardly doesn't work. You may be thinking of replacing it for a new one, but before you replace that shower head try this trick.
Take the shower head and bag it overnight inside a ziplog bag or a grocery bag full of white distilled vinegar and water (equal amounts). Place the bag as seen on the picture above and make sure the head is completely immersed inside the tightly secured bag (tighten with either a rubber band or garbage tie.)
If you can remove the shower head then dip it in the bag completely overnight. My shower head comes apart in 3 pieces, if yours does take it apart before dipping it into the solution...that's how I do mine.
If your shower head is full of grime, hard water salts and looking a bit rusty...them try this method: Use the same method and ingredients as above...but this time add to the solution some baking soda. Use the same equal amount of baking soda to the mix. This mixture will remove all of those disgusting elements like lime, mold, mildew, and it will remove any other ugly looking blemishes off your shower head.
After having the shower head dipped overnight inside the bag, remove the bag to see how beautiful the shower head looks and how powerful it functions.  
Do this cleaning every 3 months to keep your shower head looking great and functioning properly.

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