Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October's Free Items...Extreme Couponing

Hi everyone, it sure has been a super busy last 2 weeks for me in Ohio. Spring cleaning, shredding papers, monthly groceries, finishing the dollhouse, cooking up my monthly meals and freezing them and all the daily projects I have on my list has kept me super busy. But one thing I do keep up additional from all I do is keeping my 2 very large coupon binders filled at all times. This project  does take at least 15 hours of my time every week.
This month started with a bang. I have stocked up on some major needed items I was going low on and when I get them for free, I really stock up on them. So here's some items I've picked up since Oct. 1.
69 Deodorants...FREE

20 Hair Colors...FREE and I just picked up today another 16 boxes...FREE


86 Hair shampoo & conditioners...FREE...I had to put 40 of them in a box.

16 Bertoli's Olive Oil...FREE
8 Palmolive dish soap for .50 cents each.
I also picked up 62 Reach toothbrushes for .25 cents each...there's more on the lower pockets.

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