Saturday, October 26, 2013

Building a Dollhouse...The Kitchen is Finished.

Last minute touches on my grand-daughter's doll house will be completed this next week.
Here is the kitchen, I hope you all like is all finished and it looks lovely. The above photo has the ceiling light on that's why it has a lavender hue.
I painted the table and chairs a soft grey and pasted a top design on the chairs and table top. The credenza is painted a grape color and I framed the photos in a grape color.

This is the cutest feature...the sink and faucet. The sink is a matchbox covered in wallpaper. The faucet is a radio ear plug.

Here are the kitchen photos before the clock went up. The fridge is a Styrofoam block cut in half and covered in a grey typing paper. The handles for the fridge and cabinets are craft wedding rings cut in half with a strip of wallpaper to give it that refrigerator look.

The stove has dimes for the burners.

The clock is up and the rug is a piece of heavy wallpaper finished off with an amber gold trim.

The window valance was cut out of the wallpaper used for the sink and finished off with the amber gold trim.

Here's the kitchen with the light off.

And with the light on.

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