Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Desk Re-painted

Hi everyone, its been a crazy Summer here in Ohio. I have been so busy preparing the house for my visitors. I took a couple of weeks off to cater my out of town relatives for a week and since they left last week I have been cleaning, re-organizing and working on more furniture. The photo you see below is my writing desk/vanity. Yes its a writing desk and if you flip the middle section on the top part up it becomes a vanity, like the photo below complete with mirror and cubicles to store your cosmetics.
Nice right, for $20 dollars at Goodwill it was worth every penny.
But these paintings of my desk were done in 2010 and it needed to be redone again. So I lightly sanded the desk down and repainted everything, but I added a deep amber gold to the flowers and to the edges to make the desk pop with color that matches my room.
See the photos below.
First painting with no flowers.

Desk after flowers were done the first time.

Updated photos of the desk done in July 2013.
I also added a bronze jewelry piece to the center of the desk and changed the knobs. It looks so elegant. The photos do no justice to the beautiful desk it is right now.

Here is the top finished and glossed with 4 coats of a water base furniture glosser & protector.

I took the mirror off the inside of the vanity and filled the cubicles inside with all my writing and office supplies. Sorry for the stick in the middle I had to hold the lid up for 24 hours to secure the paint was completely dried before closing it.

I am so happy with it now.


  1. I love that desk. I love how it opens up.

    1. thanks Missy. I love the storage area.