Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kids Homemade Streamers

Here is a great idea and a good craft for your kids to make.
Buy about 5 or 6 plastic tablecloths at any Dollartree for $1.00 a piece. Buy bright colors like orange, yellow, purple, green, blue & white.
Unfortunately our local Dollartree had run out of bright colored tablecloths, so I bought what was available.

Unfold the tablecloth in half and then start cutting the long was your thin and wider strips.

Once your strips are all cut start tying them on the bracelet.

I purchased these plastic bracelets (10 in a bag) for $1.00 at Dollartree.

Tie the corners of the strips on the bracelet while alternating each of the tablecloth colors.

Then let the kids run around with their streamers.

Total Craft cost...$6.00 plus tax.
Another frugalicious idea.

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