Sunday, June 16, 2013

Organizing Sock Drawers

Many of us have problems in organizing simple spaces like a sock drawer. Here are some tips to make your life a bit easier.

 A well organized sock drawer allows us to find the pair we need much faster..

1. Organizing socks by colors:
...organizing socks by color coordination allows you to reach quickly to the color you want. rolling them into a ball allows you to stack more socks in each row. not stretch the socks by putting one into the other. This method stretches the band of the sock and then they will not stay up, they will hang down to your ankles.
2. Keep black socks away from navy socks: my photo you can see that lighter blue socks divide the navy socks from the black socks. This will prevent you from reaching for the navy ones if you really wanted the black ones. This coordinating method should also be done with shoes. In a low dimmed room mistakes are easily made.
3. Lighter to Darker:
...organizing socks from lighter shades to darker shades allows you to see what you have and it allows you to make a list of the ones you need to buy.
I hope this helps you when organizing your sock drawer...have a great week.

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