Sunday, June 2, 2013

Great Coupon Sales for May 2013

Great Couponing Sales In May
All of you know by now how well I do every month with manufacturer's coupons, well this last month of May was another great month.  I picked up some great sales, lots of free stuff and I also made some money towards my total purchases....Check them out.
Carolina rice...paid only .24 cents a bag at Walmart.

Dial hand soaps...paid only .30 cents a bottle.

Secret deodorants...paid only .25 cents each at Family Dollar.
I got 34 bottles of Sunlight dish soap for free at Drug Mart. The rest of the bottles are in the bottom drawer of the bin.

Drug Mart also had all their name brand Razors on sale and these were on sale for $4.49 each and I had for each razor a $4 off coupon so I only paid .49 cents for each one

I love make-up and nail polishes, well I got all this for free at Marc's & Walgreens.

Loreal lipsticks,  Sally Hansen's nail polishes and Loreal blushes.

Check out the 10 blushes of Loreal stacked up like a tower, Loreal face powders, Rimmel eye shadows and in the back Loreal foundations...all free.

Closer look.
Rimmel eye shadows and Loreal mascara..
I picked up at Walmart Ivory Bath Soaps for .35 cents a pack.

Marc's was great to me this last month, not only did I get lots of make-up there, but I also picked up all these Nuetragena and Garnier's face moisturizers for free.
Here's a closer peek.

Keep in touch for June's great deals.

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