Monday, June 10, 2013

Garage Sale Find Makeover

 I picked up this cabinet at a garage sale for $2 dollars. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before photo. Once I finished painting the cabinet I realized I didn't take a photo...ooopppsss!!!. The cabinet was all white before I started painting.
I only used 2 small acrylic brown paint bottles (a lighter brown & a dark brown shade) that I purchased at our local craft store for $1.44 (for both). I cleaned the cabinet well with soap & water before painting it and once it was dried I smeared the paint on the cabinet with a lightly damped rag. Once the cabinet was all done. I took a darker brown color and painted some of the squares around the cabinet. Then I painted the  handles with a nickel finish paint, hung it on in the bathroom wall to store medicines and other needs.  
A well stocked cabinet.
This was a frugalicious find...I love it.

 Total spent on this project $3.44, I already had the nickel paint at home.

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