Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ideas For Beautiful Yards...Part 1

Spring is here and everyone is sprucing up their landscaping. Here are some great ideas to inspire your in your yard. I hope you enjoy them.
Using inexpensive empty coffee cans...great for herbs.
Metal washing basins are great for more herb planting.

Building a deck area, how about putting in a scrabble board out of colorful tiles.

Creative people can build have to love this barrel train for your flowers.

Nice large old wooden sconces  and a shelf is lovely by the garage wall.

Empty quart paint cans are great when you hang them with colorful ribbons to match your house creating frugalicious bird feeders. 

Old or new wagons are fabulous for planting flower plants, cactus or herbs.

Don't forget to plant the bulbs for next Spring.

And, an old car that can be an eye sore can be creatively painted by you and after planting some flowers in it, it can become a beautiful piece of art.

Next week...part 2 of yard decorating.

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  1. I love the quirkiness in some of these landscapes. Using empty cans for planters and bird feeders is a great way to recycle materials not to mention inexpensive. And I love the idea of using wagons for plant boxes. These are great, Millie. Thanks for sharing! -Matt @ Meridian Landscaping