Sunday, May 12, 2013

Great Ideas To Light Up Your Yard

I love to dress and light up the yard. Its all part of the yard decor. Here are some inexpensive frugalicious ideas I think are fabulous...check them out.
1. Paint your flower pots with glow in the dark paint. This paint will glow in the dark and this paint can be found in any specialty paint store near you. It will give light to your yard after dark.
An old hanging lamp purchased at any thrift store can be spray painted for about $1.00 or $2 dollars, then arranged beautifully in your yard with some ivy to make a stunning classy statement.

An old birdhouse with cactus plants planted in them is great...especiallyfor those plants that do not need very much care...stunning.

Having a party, cut up some glow sticks and insert them into the balloons before blowing them up... lighting up any yard with drama and festivity.
This really cool and cheap to make, I think its great idea for a yard wedding....Take some large plaric bottles and glue with plastic glue cut up white plastec spoons., add some electricity to the bottle and hang in the yard.  
Also if you add white Christmas lights under the cake and bride table it will light up those important areas at any wedding.

Colorfully painted clear candle cups found at any dollar store can bring much color to any yard party. 

This is a great idea...get a few empty tuna cans, spray paint them in gold, silver or copper, then glue some fabric around the edges to mtch the paint, then tie a string to them and hang them up with candles in is beautiful. You will love it.

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