Sunday, May 26, 2013

Covering a Small Toss Pillow...The Easy Way

 Wow, so far Spring time has been a super busy one for me. I have been changing curtains, Spring cleaning, organizing and decorating my home on a cheap budget and it looks great. I will inform you slowly on my progression and what I'm doing.
I wanted to show you how I covered an old small toss pillow I had from this... this.

It was simple and I did it all in less than 30 minutes.
First I cut the fabric into a round circle, leaving enough to cover the pillow and leaving me enough fabric to bring towards the center. 
Once the pillow was place in the center , I slowly hot glued the fabric to the center of the pillow making folded creases as I slowly went around the pillow.
This picture shows the creases better.
As you slowly get to the closing edges you may have enough fabric to make a flower like mine or you can close the center with a large button.
Once the pillow is finished the edges should look like this. 
I completed my pillow by wrapping a dark gold ribbon around the ruffled flower that matched the fabric I used, trying it into a bow. 

Total cost:
Pillow- 0 dollars
Fabric- .50 cents at a closeout
Ribbon- .5 cents at a garage sale
Total spent= .55 cents
Can't beat this frugalicious deal!

Have yourself a frugalicious week.

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