Monday, April 8, 2013

Decorating, Color Coordination and Proper Room Placement

Welcome to my living room.
Your home should always express your feelings, your taste, your favorite colors, your comfort zone and your thoughts.  When I enter a home I quickly see a person's thoughts and taste.  How a home is decorated, displayed and feels tells me who you are and it also shows me how much this room means to you.
Some living rooms are well lived in, some are not, some have a great sense of love and others have no love or feelings. Some rooms feel cold and the space you live in should always feel warm and inviting.
While we trot our way through life, let us take a second look at where we live. A home can be a little heaven on earth if we only strive to make it heavenly  and cozy.
My living room has comfort, warmth, much love, a sense of power and dynamic because the furniture has been properly placed, the wall decor is not too high up almost touching the ceiling, the wall decor matches nicely the furniture and the color scheme and it says come on in and get comfy.

Color Scheme:
When choosing colors for a room it is important to chose colors you love, colors that display your taste and colors that make you happy. For instance I love dark organic tones. Sage green on my couch, browns as my grounding color (carpet, chairs and wooden decor), deep cranberry as my accent shade on toss pillows and mattings on frames. Black as my secondary grounding shade (black picture frames, black on the fabric and black painted furniture) and a dash of burnt amber gold as my second accent shade (used throughout the room). These colors not only compliment each other they also bring out the love I have for them. These colors make me happy, comfortable and they make me feel at ease...very peaceful. I do not like pastel shades nor do I like pinks or reds, but if you like these colors then your home should definitely have them...this will make you happy.


Though the color on the floral arrangement may look pinkie red to you, it isn't.
My inspiration for the room came from the colors in the fabric I chose for my toss pillows.



When placing furniture in a room do not place all the furniture against the walls. The room should have the furniture away from the walls, placed in angles (kitty corners) and as if you were creating a circle where everyone can communicates properly without strain.  My couch is against the wall but all the chairs in the room are in a circle formation allowing us all to speak with each other nicely. My  furniture placement makes my living room look like a circle and not a rectangle with the ottoman as the centerpiece in the room. 

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  1. hi what a great room. I LOVE that red chair!!!