Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dazzling up Your Bathroom

Every time I enter some one's bathroom I always observe the decor they have in that private room. 
One of the things I always have noticed is that most bathrooms are all the same. A shower curtain that rolls back and forth to close the shower area, used towels on the towel bar and a display of personal needs every where. Very rarely do I come across a very differently decorated bathe room.

Today my bathroom is in display to show you how by using some simple inexpensive old jewelry and some creativity you can uplift and bling out this common and much used room.  

These are the curtains I have in front of the shower liner. They are a champagne tan color with a hint of a shimmer of shine to them, (very little shimmer, they are not glitzy). Notice that I embellished the unity of both panels with an antique broach that has gold leaves all the way around and tiny diamonds in between them. This is an excellent way to put some bling into the room with some great embellishments.

Here are my curtain panels and instead of using tie backs I used long necklaces to hold them back. The necklace is made of cream and grey seashells.  I also added one necklace to hold the towels on the towel bar together.To hold the necklace in place I used a safety pin in the back of the towels.

Also make sure the pictures and the frames match the decor colors in the bathroom. In my bathroom I have Ecru cream walls, my curtains and shower liner are champagne tan, the picture frames are antique aged gold tone with antique age silver brushed colors on it, the pictures have some grey and sage green colors going through them, Carmel brown and champagne cream towels are displayed, the bathroom medicine cabinet is aged in a tan antique paint and aged with raw umber, I also painted the handles with an aged silver paint and raw umber, the throw rugs ate grey and the accents are used in glass jars and some black accessories.

This is my medicine cabinet, I painted it 5 years ago.

When two mirrors are placed to reflect each other-it will make the bathroom look larger and the reflection it displays is the beauty that's on the other side of the wall.

Displaying personal needs like cotton balls and Qtips in glass jars looks classy and very modern.

Show off your bathroom, make it your own and decorate it to be a a stunning place to see and enjoy.

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