Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Plate Wall Hanger Becomes a Magazine Rack

Plate wall hangers are not only good to hang plates but they are great for hanging magazine.

I do a lot of genealogy, scrap-booking and decorating, so through time magazines on these subjects begin to accumulate because you use them so much. You can't toss them out but you do need to find them a comfortable home where they are accessible to you when you need them. I truly wanted to hang them but I also wanted to make them become part of the office decor.

Two years ago I entered our local Goodwill and I came across this large plate hanger for $1 dollar that drew my attention right away. Its all black iron which matched all the black picture frames in the office walls.

So I bought it, I then put it in the closet until I could figure out how to hang my magazines from it. One night as I thought deeply on this subject in the darkness of the night before bed; I thought I could tie some cream satin ribbons into bows to soften the look of the black iron and at the same time hold tightly the magazines from falling. The next morning I created this...and it has been on the wall beautifully for a year now.

Each pile of magazines are inserted where the plate would go...then they are tightly bowed to hold them in place.




The top part has an all leather weaved folder that holds my computer cd's.

Beautifully organized in one compartment...a pretty sight for the eyes to see for only $1...that's pretty frugalicious.

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