Sunday, March 17, 2013

Organizing Your Lovely Homes

My home is a lovely place to live in, it is full of memories, it is properly organized and filled with much laughter and joy. I chose to have my home well organized in order for me and my family to enjoy a peaceful and productive life. 
When a home is not properly organized, confusion, stress, anger and a lack of love can ruin that space that we all look forward to arriving at after a long hectic day at work.
I live in an apartment, I made this decision after my oldest son got married and my baby boy passed away from cancer. I chose to get rid of my 3 bedroom home and downsize into an apartment. I sold 3/4 of the inside of my home and settled to decorate my apartment as time goes on. Let me tell you I have decorated over 14 homes I lived in so one more is no big deal. I was a skilled hair designer and an interior wall painter (my specialty was murals)....but organizing my home has always been my greatest passion.   
On that note, I am bringing to you a few tricks to making your home a easier and nicer place to live in by organizing some areas especially doubling to serve two organizing spaces.
In the bathroom keeping items like Kleenex, cotton balls and Q-tips at hand is so helpful for everyone in the family. I purchased this cute silver Kleenex holder for .50 cents at a local rummage sale and the glass jars I bought them at a thrift store for .50 cents each, I scrubbed them well with bleach and soap and now they house those most needed bathroom essential items.
I thing most of you do not know that I am a vegan and that I have a vegan blog, so here is my link, take a peek and enjoy:
Since I am constantly cooking I need to have certain ingredients on hand at all times. So in my kitchen I have these beautiful vintage bottles full of vinaigrette's and cooking oils handy for me to use while I am cooking. There is red wine, apple cider and white distilled vinegars, then there's olive oil and cooking oil. I love having them on hand and the bottles also serve the purpose of decorating my kitchen with beautiful colors.
Organizing items into old suitcases and baskets not only organizes household items but they can decorate corners and niches around the house. The top suitcase is all my sewing needs. The middle one houses all my ribbons and the bottom picnic boxes houses my window valances. I am going to update these baskets by painting and upholstering them so stay tuned for what I do to these babies.
Three years ago I used my file cabinets to serve as a night tables until I purchased new ones. File cabinets can be used for many purposes. They can decorate beautifully college dorms while serving double duty as a night table and a file cabinet. Notice the stack of wicker baskets on top of the tall dresser...they used to house my winter scarves and gloves before I decorated my bedroom. Those photos are coming soon.
Bookcases are great for organizing books, but don't stop there, you can remove some of them and decorate the bookcases with family photos, pottery, plants and statuettes to give it a more elegant feel. I will post my bookcases soon, I am painting them stay tuned for that post.
A couple of years ago I decided to organize all the photos I had in photo boxes. I purchased 40 acid free albums and binders and I spent an entire month organizing and arranging over 30 albums full of family photos. Here are only 18 of them, but they are all out of boxes and nicely organized in albums.
When I had my bed built last year I had it made to serve double duty. I sleep on it but it also houses all my craft items and my sewing fabrics. I love this area because everything is well organized inside clear plastic storage bins.
Now most of you know I am an extreme couponer and in keeping my food storage properly organized is a must. So in here shelves serve a great purpose in keeping everything organized. All like items together is an essential key in organizing.
See through shoe hangers are great for storing small items in my food storage. This item is also great for storing socks, stockings, gloves, jewelry and yes your shoes. 
These clear see through storage bins house my dental floss, tooth brushes and lip balms. They are also great for storing makeup, office supplies and nail polishes.
I hope these ideas can help you organize your home so you can be stress free. Always remember hooks, baskets, suitcases, decorative boxes and glass jars are great in helping you curb the clutter...Good luck my friend.

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