Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Newly Upholstered Ottoman.

My living room ottoman after
My living room ottoman before
My living room ottoman has gone through about 4 different fabric changes in the past 5 years. As I am sprucing up the living room with my new upholstered window cornice (Window cornice tutorial, inside my file box), I felt the ottoman needed a new look alsso, so to work I went.
 The ottoman was taken apart.
Once it was upholstered my grand-daughters toys and videos were put in there and my exercise weights found a decent home.
 Thanks to my ex-husband who has been a custom upholsterer and wood re-finisher for 47 years, I got some great fabric for free for my window cornice as shown below.
By turning that same cornice fabric around to the other side I came across the beautiful fabric on the ottoman. It matches great with my living room and the contrasting fabric on the bottom of the ottoman gave the ottoman character and elegance. I love it.
For more elegance I added some nice decorative antique gold tacks around the entire top of the ottoman..

Here's a closer look.


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