Sunday, February 17, 2013

Great Flea Market Finds

Flea markets, garage sales, rummage sales and thrift stores are the greatest places to find good quality furniture and so much more. You can supply and furnish any home from any of these places. Having an eye to spot good things is another gift that many people have and know how to use it.

I personally have always furnished my homes with second hand finds. The good thing is that as soon as I find them I know I can create something great with it to bring more beauty to my home.

I found this lamp at a flea market for $15 dollars. What drew my attention to it are the colors that match my home. The hand painted front was in mint condition. I changed the cream shade for this bamboo shade that made the lamp be the center of attraction in my living room. 
I found this lamp at a church garage sale for $3 dollars. I added a new shade I found at another church sale for $3 dollars and married the two together for my living room. I got the green urn for $1 dollar and the copper plate on the wall for another dollar.
Gathering a group of family photos in different types and shades of picture frames is beautiful and there is nothing wrong by uniting them all together.
I was so happy when I found this solid wooden carved elephant. The guy at the garage sale wanted $29 dollars for it but because I made him realize that the elephant tusks were missing, I bargained him down to $10 dollars...I love when I get things for the price I want. 
These items were inexpensive,  I found them in random yard sales. The picture was free, I found it in one of my Dad's apt. complex after the tenants moved out. I painted the frame in black, the hats was a sale find item, I bought them for $1 dollar (both), and the wall hanger  was .50 cents. I also found all the jewelery in various sales from ranging from .25 cents to $1.00 dollar.
Keep on decorating and have fun while doing so. Always be frugal and creative, you can do it on a shoe string budget...chao!

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