Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome to Extreme Couponing

Being frugal is being smart. Getting great well known products for free or for less than $1 is being creative and smart. A smart shopper tries to stretch their dollar as much as possible. So today I am giving you a glimpse of my closets full of food and personal items. 
Welcome to my Stock Pile...
 Everything in here has either been free or I paid less then a dollar for it. Now let me tell you that once you get bitten from the adrenaline rush of couponing, there's no turning back...
Here are just a few photos of my food storage, next week I will start teach you how to do this and how to have your basemen, closets & cupboards overflowing with everything you need in case of an emergency. I must also tell you that I am a divorcee and their are no children in my house. All of this food is only for one
I never pay for hair gel...its always free. 
I only paid $5.39 for everything here.
Free Laundry soap or I paid .99 cents for them.

All the fabric softeners were free...I got 28 of them on the other shelves.

 I paid .50 cents a bottle...gotta love those deals. I then went back the following day and got 12 more.
See you soon.

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