Friday, November 7, 2014

Old Stools, New Stools-Before and After Photos

When I downsized my living space I decided to eliminated my dining room table and chairs. My new apartment has a nice breakfast counter off the kitchen in which I wanted stools for. Because I am so frugal and I love to restore old furniture and getting new stools was completely out of my desire. So for 6 months I searched through thrift stores and garage sales for a nice pair of stools I can restore.

One day I went to Goodwill, there were 2 stools that caught my eye and were screaming my name and yelling help me please. When I check them out I noticed they were super sturdy and I knew I could make them look fabulous. I checked the price tag and it said $6 dollars each. Wow!!!!...I knew then they were coming home with me and this is what I did with them. 

I tore the old fabric off, sanded them well and I stained them before re-upholstering them.



This is the actual fabric color.

The chairs came out fabulous.

The bright shine on the chairs is the sun glare from my sliding door.

They look lovely in with my breakfast counter.

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