Sunday, January 20, 2013

Extreme Couponing Part 2...Instruction List

Do you want to be frugal?
Spend less money at the grocery?
How about if I told you that you can spend 3/4 less in groceries and personal needs or even yet 
Well you can. If you follow my instructions, your closets can look like mine.
Here is one shelf in my large medine cabinet. And all those dish detergents, gels and hand soaps you see in the first photo were all free. I only paid for the tax.
All of these drawers full of Loreal, Covergirl, Rimmel and LA color makeup was free. I have 3 drawers full and this last Christmas I put together 11 gift bags full of makeup, body creams and pain relievers for my girl friends for free...what a great Christmas gift.

Follow my instructions and you can also accumilate an immensive amount of food and personal needs for pennies or free.

Always remember...
A COUPONER’S MAIN GOAL is to get as much as they can for:

Get it for FREE or don't pay any more than $1.00 or two per item!!!!
That is always my main goal.
Every time the cashier rings up your groceries a beeping noise is heard…every time you hear that beep, it means that another dollar or two has been liquidated from your wallet or your bank account.
Yes…your money is being liquidated from your wallet as if it were on fire. This happens every time you buy groceries.

But there’s a solution to every problem. Every time I hand over the cashier my pile of manufacturer’s coupons, tha beeping I hear is a  happy beep for me because she is actually depositing money back into my bank account.  

Once you see your grocery bill go down from $200.00 dollars to only $20.00 dollars or less…you will feel a rush just like a drug addict feels when they inject their needle…you will want to have that rush again and again and every time you go grocery shopping you will want to beat the last savings…until you reach a zero balance. You will learn how to smile every time you hear that beeping noise as your money is being credited to your account.

So lets start saving as much as we can…because-

THE GOAL OF A COUPONER is to get everything for


In Couponing there are Rules to follow:

1. All stores have policies…follow them.
The store employees will admire and respect you for it.

2. Some stores have limits on quantities, check them out first before you end up at the register leaving behind a large amount of products you wanted to get.

3. If you go shopping and they are out of the items you went for…get a rain check and get for double the amount of coupons you have.

If you only have 10 coupons…ask for a rain check for 20 or 30 of that item.

By the time you go back for it you may have gotten more coupons for that item. Just make sure you get the item before your coupon expires.

4. Coupons have policies also, follow them.

5. Walmart price matches any store prices in your town. So get everything in one store, less running around and a quicker shopping spree.

Walmart will not double your coupons though.

6. Target will accept their in store coupons plus your manufacturer coupons on the same item...that's


7. At the register…separate your free items from your paying items. This way you can keep track of any errors at the register.

8. Try to make your shopping list according to the sale ads for greater savings.


pay more than $1 or 2 dollars for anything, stick to your goal and you will SAVE!.

9. Coupons can be used on closeout or discontinued items.

My Example: Visual lift Foundation

…discontinued to
$3.49 each, with my 3.00 coupons I got 9 of them for .49 cents each. Original price $14.99.

Wait until the last week of the month to make groceries…

That’s the week everyone has everything on sale…great savings. The firs week of the month prices are at its highest peak.

10. Some stores will allows you to use expired coupons if they have expired that same week...ask them about this savings.

11. Dollartree now accepts manufacturer coupons…and they carry lots of well known items like.

Brut deodoarants & shaing cream
Sure deodorant
Speed stick deodorant

Spic & Span

Comet cleanser & cleaner

Lysol cleaners

Alka Seltzer

Colgate, Aim, Pepsodent, & Crest tooth paste

Hefty bags
Reynolds Wrap

Check out the store so you can have a visual look of what they have before shopping.

Where to get your coupons:

1. Internet

Safe sites to get them from...I only use these safe sites:

2. Sunday Newspaper (coupon inserts)

3. Tuesday Store Flyer…
(it has your local stores ads and they always come with a new coupon insert.

Ask family, friends & neighbors to save you their insert.

4. And the most important place to get coupons
The newspaper recycle bins…they are green and gold bins in which people throw their newspapers in for pick up…this is the coupon bank.

Go to

Put in the town you live in and every recycle bin in your area will pop up…print it out and use it every time you go coupon hunting. I go every Thursday afternoon after everyone has thrown in their Sunday paper. i often hit the motherload when the newspaper boy throws in bundles of undelivered papers full of inserts. Each bundle has 60 newspapers. My cousin Kim and I go for about 3 hours to get coupons. We always come home with about 300 coupon inserts in one trip. Get a buddy and start gathering a lot of coupons, then divide them in half with each other.

I promise you, you will have a store in your home within 1 year…for pennies.

This last November my grocery bill was $173.19 and after the cashier deducted all my coupons I only paid $14.97…I was thrilled and so will you if you devote some time into this project.

Keep your coupons in order:

You will need…

1 loose leaf binder
Loose leaf dividers

Baseball card inserts

A calculator

A pen & a writing pad.

Organize coupons in categories…example:



This will keep you in order and as you take out your coupon for every item slide them in a baggie for your cashier….use my easy steps and you will be saving more money in your bank account…good luck.

Go Coupons!!!!!



  1. We can't use multiple coupons here in Canada. Sigh.

    1. what do you mean by multiple? Are you only allowed to use one coupon at a time, per transaction or are you only allowed to use one coupon per item wthout using their instore sale coupon added to it.