Friday, August 26, 2016

Washing an Upholstered Chair...Before and After Photos

Today I am showing what I did to clean my living room upholstered cream velvet chair. 
About every 2 years this chair starts to visually show off dirty stains like cuff marks around the bottom of the chair, fingerprints around the arm rest or food particles that often appear around the chair. So a few weeks ago I scrubbed this chair until all the dirty spots came off. 

Step 1

In 1/2 filled water bucket I mixed in:
 1/2 cup of regular Dawn dish detergent
 1/3 cup of white vinegar 
 I then mixed it slowly with the bucket filled only half way of water

Step 2: 

In another bucket fill it halfway with water and a half a cup of  Fabric softener.

After putting plastic under my chair I began to slowly scrub one section at a time. I then rinsed off each section with the fresh water mixed with fabric softener and dried it off a bit with a clean towel.  The fabric smelled so good and to dry it I kept the air conditioned on and a fan to blow on it over night. By the next day the chair was dried.

So here is my chair before being scrubbed. It had turned a bit yellowish and it was a bit dirty. The sitting cushion had dirty stains on the cushion.

Yellow ugly back

Now the chair is cleaner and looking beautiful again. No more yellow fabric on the back rest and no more seat stains.

before..ugly yellowish color

now the back cushion looks great

Before- The cushion seat was really dirty with stains around the rim of the fabric

After-Now its clean

Before-The arms were dirty and it sure needed cleaning,

Now they are clean and the chair looks terrific

Beautiful chair.

A small advise:
 Always remember to use gentle products on your furniture. Read the labels and make sure it is safe for your type of furniture. 

Have a great day everyone.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A lovely Re-post...Before and After

Hello everyone,

It has been a painful few months. I have been struggling with a an awful pain on my vertebrate that is radiating a terrible pain to the clavicle and the shoulder. The doctor thinks a pinched nerve is to blame so I see the surgeon next month. Because of this pain I haven't been able to do much decorating, painting or anything that requires deep detailed renovation. But i did do some work on some furniture which I will post soon so stay with me.

Because of this medical situation and a possible back surgery, I thought I would re-post one of my best redo's. So here is a chair I bought at a rummage sale for $1 dollar and I redid it for my grand-daughter's bedroom.


I primed the chair in grey, then I painted it in black satin finish, Then I upholstered the seat with a new cushion and a lovely fabric to match her bedroom color and decor. I also painted the back in black with a leopard design which she loves. I then finished it off with silver studs in the front of the chair.

I loved it and so did my 17 year old.
We were both happy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Extreme Couponing and Great Sales

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone has been staying cool this Summer, Here in Ohio 90 to 96 degrees. Its been too hot here.
This last week was a hectic week. I have been going through therapy for a bad back and shoulder, my redoing furniture has come to a stop until I feel better. But I had to post on all the great deals I got this last week with my manufacturer's coupons. Most of you know that I am an extreme couponer and there was a lot of coupons I had that said if you buy 2 Herbal Essence products you'll get $4.00 dollars off. Well our local Marc's discount store had a sale on these products and their sale ad said if you buy 2 Herbal Essence products for $4.00 dollars, so I got them for free. Here are photos of only two days of going to Marc's but today I went back there again and I got 22 more Herbal Essence products for free and I got 6 more of the Aussie products for only $1 dollar each. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of today's haul. I also got the nail polish, air freshener and the hair colors for free thanks to this sale and the coupons I had. I am now stocked up on shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, mousses and gel until 2017. Check it all out. 

And I got all these shampoos also for free..I was thrilled.

 See you soon...hopefully my back & arm will be better by then.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Homemade Solid Wood Island To Die For

This post is a beauty. A beauty many would love to have. My brother in law who is a master at carpentry made this gorgeous island for my sister's country kitchen. Its the trunk of the tree he cut down himself and then he sliced parts of the tree the long side, sanded it real smooth, varnish it many times and then he put it together. When I saw this beautiful wooden master piece, I was in aw. It was breath taking. So here is the island or table many of us wish we all had.

It is a master piece and looks so beautiful in her country home.

Monday, August 8, 2016

My Lovely Grand-daugthers

This last month I was gifted with these lovely photos of my two grand-daughters in Mrytle Beach.
So let me introduce you all to them.

This is Paloma. Paloma is 16 years old and she is currently the top of her Junior class in high school with a 3.9 GPA and is attending her second year at Bowling Green University to finish her associates degree. She is also attending her High School and next September she will be attending 3 schools at once. Her high school, Bowling Green University and Ehove college to study the intruction into Criminal Forensics.  She is now driving and Dad is currently looking for a car for her, but its a surprise. She wants to be a Zoologist.  She is now seeking universities throughput the U.S. that offers Zoology degrees.

Our baby Natalia is 14 years old. She is now going into high school and is currently undecided into what she wants to study towards. She enjoys sewing, baking and cooking her gluten free vegan meals. She is very creative in the kitchen so who knows, she may become the next Rachel Ray "gluten free vegan cook".

Your kids are the most important people on earth, but your grand-children really steals your heart.