Saturday, April 30, 2016

Changed The Living Room Colors

Spring cleaning has been in full swing in my home for over a month now. One of the things I did this last week was to clean well my living room and change the color scheme. For 10 years I had the same colors in that room and it sure needed a change. I took out all the sage green and blue colors out of that room. I took off the sage green sofa slipcover exposing my beautiful amber gold couch and incorporating with it deep maroons and grays colors. I rearranged the room a bit and I took out some large furniture pieces. The room looks great, it looks so much bigger and so much nicer than the sage greens and blue colors.






After, I painted the basket lids in a deep maroon and I added legs to the bottom basket and paint the legs maroon to match the lid.

Took out the large library case and I put in a smaller library case.

I added some old baskets to the large dresser

The dresser was painted sage green before 

After...I painted the dresser gray to match the new gray area rug and the small tv table was painted maroon



New rug and freshly painted table

New gray and off white sheers and side panels.



Total cost for the new living room makeover $52.00
Now that's a frugalicious makeover.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Great Closet Organizing Tip

Spring has arrived and my Spring cleaning is still in full swing.
Today I wanted to share a great closet organizing tip with you that works great for me and I hope it works good for you.

When I press my clothes I organize them by like colors together. As you see in the photos all the clothes that are of the same color are together, so when I need a green top I automatically reach in the green section. It saves me time trying to find the top I need to complete my outfit. The closet also  looks nice when the clothes are properly organized in the closet. I do the same organization with my pants, shoes, socks and jewelry. Take a look at my photos below.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Good Food = Good Health-

 I am a good health follower. I have always felt that if you eat well, good health will bless you for many years to come. So from now on every month I will be focusing on 5 great food choices that can give us good health and make the best of us feel and look great. So here are my 5 choices for the month.

1. Good foods that provide water refreshing juices for our body, like this group of fruits and veggies. Ware is essential and by eating at least 3 of these foods you can hydrate the entire body.

2. Water a must source to survive life...drink at least 1 gallon a day with a slice of lemon. I personally keep a pitcher of lemon water filled in my fridge and I drink 2 pitchers of it every day. Look at the benefits you can get by drinking this powerful water.

3. I am a lover of avocados. I eat 2 of them a week. It is full of great fatty oils to nourish and oil all those achy joints...great benefits for the body.

4. Garlic is a great benefit spice. From uplifting the immune system to fighting cancer...fabulous.

5. I eat once or twice a week Quinoa in many ways...I mix it with rice, quinoa with stir fry or plain with some great spices...its really good. It is very high in fiber, protein and that's a great thing.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Cleaning & Bedroom Changes

I have been very busy here at home as I am getting all my Spring cleaning done and as I am cleaning I am also changing the colors of each room in a brighter and lighter feel.

I was ecstatic last week when I was grocery shopping at our local Marc's store, I happen to pass by their store discount area and in there they had tons of 6ft. x 5ft. area rugs in many colors for $9.99 each. What a steal that was, I bought 3 rugs. A hunter green one and a tan one for the living room and I bought a light gray one for my bedroom. The gray one looks fabulous with my gray, blue, oranges and amber gold colors in my bedroom. I am very happy on how nice it all turned out...take a peek.

Here is my bedroom before with the Winter colors.

Picture #1...browns, cranberries and muddy greens.


This is my makeup area, this area is going to be getting a new makeover, photos will be coming soon.

But I did put all the makeup away in 2 boxes (the black box in the lower level & a cream box on the top shelf) I said before rearranging this area is my next project.


Here is the before

 And here is my bedroom after...
The small stool next to my bed will be getting a new upholstery this week to match the Spring/Summer colors.

I have tons of beautiful upholstery fabrics in my storage room, so I sewed the valances from the same fabric I put on the toss pillow and I put up taupe gray panels to match the taupe gray color on the fabric.

I pulled out the orange and amber gold colors out of the fabric and I put those tones into the toss pillow covers.

Here is that beautiful gray rug I got for $9.99...isn't it great, it was a steal!!!!

Pillows took me an hour to sew with no cost to me.

 Here is some of the room decor...more photos of the bedroom will come soon.