Tuesday, August 15, 2017

July Was A Great Extreme Couponing Month

July was a great extreme couponing month for me because I got some fabulous free and cheap deals I just couldn't resist.

It was a month full of great sales and savings.

1. I got 10 Garnier's Fructis shampoos and 10 conditioners absolutely free. The sale on them were for $1.99 each and I had 10 coupons that said I needed to buy 2 of them to get $4 dollars off. Well do the math and they were free.

2. Our Apples grocery store had the 4 pk. Angel soft for .99 cents each...and I had 11 coupons that were .45 cents off a 4pk. They took off .90 cents because they doubled my .45 cents coupons. So I paid only .09 cents per package.

I had 18 coupons for Arm & Hammer deodorant (orange case) that were $1 dollars off for 1. Well our local pharmacy had them on sale for $1 each and I got them all for free.

I also had coupons for tide that would take off $1 from the retail price, but out Marc's grocery store had them on sale for $1.99, so I paid .99 cents each. I got 20 of them and I gave some to my son for his white suit shirts.

Dollartree had Noxema and Pure Silk women's razors for $1.00 each and I had 22 coupons that took $2.00 off each razor. So I got 44 of them for free.

Libby's is so nice. they printed out coupons that said if you buy 4 Libby's can vegetables, they would take off $1 from my purchase. Our Giant Eagle store had them on sale for .49 cents a can (total of $1.96) and they took off $1, so I paid .96 for 4 cans. I got 24 of them.

 And those were my great buys for  the month of July...Keep saving and always use coupons.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Decorating Neutral Bedrooms

This week our love for beautiful inexpensive neutral colored bedrooms is our main focus.
When designing a room our eye of color is so important. It's important to magnify the bedroom without making it look so far out there that you can't enjoy and appreciate it's lounging feelings...but a room with style, warmth and passion is for the lover in you. The colors that you choose for your bedroom is so important because it will bring out your strengths and weaknesses. 

So when decorating your bedroom, go gentle on the decor, don't over do it with mirrors or flowers and do not make it look fake, displeasing and uncomfortable. But do make it feel and look peaceful, happy, a place of refuge from this crazy world.

A simple clean line bedroom,  brings minimalistic cleaning and peace embraced with warm tones.

More warm tones with one small touch of color.

Soothing cool and warm hues to beautify any room.

Lighting is always needed to enhance the room with the color tones to adore.

Elegance at its best

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Power of Earth Tones in Decorating.

There is nothing more beautiful to me than warm earth tones like oranges, browns and terracottas in the decor of any homes. Every time I enter each room in my home I can see these lovely colors throughout my home. Using powerful colors that remind you of the beautiful Fall season can bring strength to any room with striking rich tones. No matter which season you prefer, always remember that decorating with a heart full of passion and color can allow your personality to radiate through your home decor.

Here are some photos of  dining rooms, bedroom and living rooms embracing these rich hues. I hope you enjoy them.

Here is my home with those wonderful warm tones.

Enjoy your day.