Monday, August 24, 2015

Small Lovely Corners In My Home

In every home there are some small corners that are lovely, if not take a moment and sit in different chairs throughout your home and look at your corners carefully. They should be lovely spaces to look at.

These lovely corners make any room come alive with beauty and inspiration for others to copy. Here are some lovely corners I captured inside my home as I sat on some of my chairs.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Some of My Favorite Things

Everyone has favorite things they love and cherish. I have a few things I enjoy. Just like a nice clean organized home, I also love and enjoy a very clean manicure yard. For what you see on the outside is what is occurring on the inside. A beautiful yard tells me a lot of how the house maybe on the inside.

I love nice yard furniture. Lovely furniture invites people in to sit, chat and relax.

I love sea shells and coral pieces. They look fresh and clean and they bring peace to a troubled day...they are lovely.

There is nothing I love more than white dishes. They are so beautiful and so elegant.

Organic wooden floors...these floors look expensive and very beautiful.

 Another thing I love is white and cream bath towels. They are crisp looking and elegant for any guest.

 And of course I truly love my son, he's a gem.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Millie's-Poor Man's Dinner

Many of you know how I name some of my meals "Poor Man's Dinner" and that's because as a Puerto Rican there are areas in our island where many of our people are poor financially but they are very humble and rich in spirit. I say "poor" because still to this day many of them live in very small wooden homes and to feed their family they harvest about 80% of their food supply in their own land. Their piece of land is their pot of gold and they grow anything from coffee beans, to fresh roots, vegetables, fruits and even their own spices to conserve their small income.

I call this meal a poor man's dinner because other than rice and beans all they have for dinner are freshly picked roots, fruits & vegetables.

In many of my wonderful Poor Man's Dinner there is plenty of steamed vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, roots like plantain bananas and yautia & yams. As a gluten free vegan I love my breaded tofu & seasoned mushrooms steamed & pressed in my Cusinart Panini presser and served with lots of diced avocados...all drizzled with virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar. 

Here are my delicious seasoned & steam pressed mushrooms.

Breaded tofu and ripen sweeten plantains.

Lots of diced avocados  

 Delicious dinner filled with veggies, protein and the right fats!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A New Bathroom Change

I am so happy I am more at peace right now. Its been so busy here at home and even though my heart felt I needed to change the bathroom a bit I couldn't due to my schedule.I finally had a chance to change the bathroom curtains and give it a little change though I kept the same color scheme.  Now that its done I am much happier.

Here is the bathroom curtains before.

This is the after, clean curtains pressed and hung and a new valance.

Before look

After with new tan center sheers

 Before, gold and burgundy look.

 After, nice browns and tams with a hint of terra cotta and deep bloddy wine tones.

Can you believe I got this valance for $2.00 dollars at T.J. Maxx in the clearance area. It is super thick and well made...the original price was $38.00 dollars reduced to $2 that's a frugalicious deal!.

And yes I do have a beaded curtain in front of my bathroom door.

White candles from Dollar Tree for $1.00 each and I embellished them with burlap fabric, twine and dry looks lovely.

It all looks so very nice.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lovely Garden Flowers and Veggies in Bloom

Good Morning America

I woke up this Monday to these lovely blooms on my balcony. The view off my living room is very beautiful from the bulbs I planted this Spring. This surly makes me smile and extremely happy...God is good.

and my vegetable garden is up and growing some beautiful veggies.