Monday, January 26, 2015

Before and After Wicker Dresser Drawers

Hi everyone, its been very busy for me here at home since I am trying to finish so many projects I have on my "To Do" list. Among all the projects I have to finish, I am also trying to do all my Spring cleaning, purging and decorating early before Spring arrives.  We are expecting a lot of family gatherings, family visiting from out of state and many places to go to this Summer. As well as painting and decorating my son's house so we can get it ready for sale by August 1st.

One of the projects I had on my "To D" list was this small wicker dresser that I have in my kitchen. This wicker dresser was one of my office dressers at one time and for the past 5 years it has has been in my kitchen. Through time all the wicker woven front area of the baskets had deteriorated and they began to break and fall out. I hated to throw it out and since I am a very frugal person that thought was not going to happen.

This is the basket dresser and I thought it was to nice to depart from it. After weeks on thinking what to do with it I came to the conclusion of covering the front of the drawers. 

The drawers were looking bad as you see.

Since my kitchen has black, brown, cream and sage green colors, I used this check fabric in black and light brown. I first made a template for the drawer fronts with the drawer pulls.

I made sure it fit perfect on the drawer, leaving an inch off the bottom and sides for the trim.

Then I left about a half an inch lip to fold inward for a clean finish.

I pinned the template onto the fabric .

Then after cutting it out I pinned well the handle opening and with a pen I traced the area I needed to cut.

After cutting the fabric pieces (5 in all), I cut the handle opening about a half an inch inside the square to allow me to have a lip to cover the entire handle around every side inward.

I started gluing the fabric on the edges only around the drawer, start with the bottom working my way up to the top.

Here is the lip I had cut out to overlap inward into the drawer for a cleaner finish. I slit the corners so I could hot glue them inward.

This is how the drawer looks inside which no one sees.

This is the drawers now...they look lovely with the black trim around the edges.



Beautiful, I love it.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Food Storage "Yearly" Cleaning and Inventory

As a Latter Day Saint my work in keeping my food storage closets clean, well organized and restocked is a never ending job. Even though I try to keep it full at all times, it seems like it never is full. I have been working very hard all year to fill it up well, but it is that time of the year when the storage room, storage closet and the pantry gets cleaned out of expired foods, organized and restocked. After cleaning every shelves with a rag and bleach then everything got to be organized properly and a full inventory of needs was completed. So this is how my food storage, closet and pantry looks like now, all well cleaned and looks lovely.

The food storage room

The bathroom shoe hanger is full again of all my personal necessities.

I need to stock up on a lot more laundry detergent, non dairy milk, & fabric softener sheets.

The spice drawer I am currently using is full again, but I need to stock up the reserve spice shelf...its almost empty.

The closet that houses all my lotions, shampoos, fabric softeners, cleaning supplies and hair products is now full again and organized.

My kitchen pantry is full again.

Being prepared for these cold snowy Winter days is very important, I am happy its getting all done.
That's another task I can cross out of my cleaning & organizing list.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Frugal DollarTree Organizational Treasure

Hi everyone. As this new year continues, decorating and organizing our homes also continues. After Christmas I started to really clean and purge my home. One of the thing I did was to organize all my jewelry. I purchased a few of these pill organizers at Dollartree and I used them to organize my smaller earrings, earring backings and small pins. This organizer worked well for my small jewelry.

Here are my earrings all organized...lovely.

Another frugal organization for one dollar.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A look back at the Past in Organizing & Decorating...Part 1

It has been so far a great past few looking back on all the organizational and decorating I've done is thrilling...check it out.