Sunday, October 19, 2014

Puerto Rico - La Isla Del Encanto- Con Orgullo! (April 2012)

Sorry for not blogging, but I will be in Puerto Rico until November...I will be back with lots of photos. Until then, take care.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thrift Store Find

 Hello are you?
I am so happy your back.

I absolutely love thrift stores. There are so many things that can be found there. Not too long ago I found this white metal carrier. I picked it up for .50 cents and after placing a silk plant in it, it became a nice addition to my new mini bathroom makeover...check it out.

It looks lovely...not bad for .50 cents right?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Frugalicious Life...Organization & Recycling.

Our lives can be very hectic at times, especially to those with little ones. School schedules, activities, doctor appointments, music practices and games to attend, our lives become to hectic to manage it all at once. Here is a good way for parents out there that wish to become more organized with all these daily to do things and to smooth out their days. Every home needs to have a Family Command Center.

A command center is where everything gets organized for the family's weekly activities, where phone calls are made and where life becomes more organized. Here are 2 examples of what a command center should look like.

A place where even the school bags are hung and not placed on the floor.

Here is the family command center full of daily to do's...lovely. 

Try to find a corner in your kitchen or your family room to create your family command center and try to keep it well organized to prevent loosing Suzy's ballet class or recital.

I am all for organization & recycling. An empty box and empty toilet paper rolls can be made into a great organizing area to hold paint brushes, pencils, pens, scissors or even makeup pencils, the sky is the limit for this recycle creative in decorating it and remember it cost nothing to that's a frugalicious idea!!!!.

Do you have an unused muffin pan?...Here's another item that can be recycled. Use an old muffin pan  to organize paint for your little ones to spend a few hours creating their pictures.

If you need an apron, why not make your own out of old jeans and old unused shirts.

Those old jeans look great as plant holders. Put the flower pot inside the plants after you stuff the legs with either tissue paper or brown paper bags. They look lovely.

Don't toss out those empty butter bowls, reuse them to organize the sock, belts, gloves, scarf's and lineage.

This is a great decorative way to make your yard pop with envy. Use an old chair, paint it a vibrant Summer color then cut out the seating area and place the flower pot inside looks gorgeous.

Here's a great way to organize scarf's and baseball hats by using shower rings...check it out.

I want to do this...get some old tires, paint them white and make a cute snowman for your front entrance.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Front Door Fall Wreath

Hello everyone. 

I hope each of you are fine enjoying this wonderful cool Fall weather.

Since Fall has arrived I have been super busy getting all the Fall cleaning done, preparing to teach a class in home organization and preparing for a talk on emergency preparedness has taken all my time. I finally had a free moment to make this Fall wreath for my front door and I think it turned out really nice. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Redecorating An Old File Cabinet With Contact Paper

Hi everyone. Well, here in Ohio Fall has arrived early. This is day two of cold breezy days. This weather makes me very happy since Fall is my favorite season.

As I enjoy this beautiful weather. let me share with you one of the projects I have done lately.

Through time filing cabinets can become rather ugly. They get scratched up a lot and sometimes a bit rusty if they have been wet. My problem was that my filing cabinets were old, they were all scratched up and I was tired of the black color. I wanted a lighter color but buying new ones was out of the question, first these filing cabinets were in good condition and it seemed crazy for me to buy new ones if the old ones were fine. So my remedy was to either spray paint them or cover them in contact paper. 

Now a days you can find contact paper in an assortment of designs and colors but I wanted just plain shade of cream. I found the color I wanted and I covered my filing cabinets (2) with this cute cream & tan marble contact paper I found at Dollartree. 

Here is the filing cabinet BEFORE

Its too dark for my new office colors.


Before you start to cover the cabinets you must first remove the handles and then clean the cabinets well from dust, dirt and grease so the contact paper can adhere well to the metal. To clean my filing cabinets I made a bowl of Mr. Clean muscle cleaner & water. I cleaned them well and then I let them dry.

Here is the contact paper I bought for this project, I bought 3 rolls.

Once the cabinets were covered I cut out the handles by slitting the hole where the handle goes in a few times. Then I slowly tucked the paper behind the hole..

I slowly pressed my finger around the handles to press down all the bubbles., if you come a bubble than you cannot remove take a fine needle and lightly poke the bubble, then press it down to make the bubble let out the air...then press the paper down and the bubble should completely disappear. As you see on this photo my paper has a few small bubbles, but once I poked the bubbles out (next photo) they are no longer there.

This is my after photo...they came out great.

No bubbles and for the $3 dollars I spent on (3) rolls of contact paper, I must say that was a Frugalicious project.