Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 2014 Garage Sale Finds & Makeover

Well hello there. It sure has been a great Summer so far and great bargain hunting one also. For this month of July I picked up some nice items which have earned a space in my home.
First up is this gorgeous framed print which only cost me $3 dollars at a garage sale. It is so nice and it matched well with the colors in my living room. Oh and let me tell you this frame is heavy in weight...good deal.

Second, I found this lamp with the shade for $5.99 at Goodwill and since I had one just like it in my bedroom I grabbed it. I repainted both of them and now they look fabulous.

After painting them I added the jute twine for texture.

They came out lovely.
and finally this sunflower painting. It looks great in my bathroom.

It was a good month of buying and redoing.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Goodwill Trash, Turned into a Bedroom Treasure.

Hi there, how are you all doing? I hope very well.
Here at home my long list of projects continues and this new project was not on the list but it was a great project to do and I am so happy with the results.
Last week at stopped at our local Goodwill to check out their new arrivals. I was so thrilled to find this lamp because I had one just like it at home and it was not being used. I grabbed it and to my luck this gorgeous shade was included into the price which I ended up using on my tall lamp in my living room. .
It was very dirty, dusty but it was in mint cracks and it worked.
It was a good price with the shade included.

This is the one I had at home.

I primed the one I had at home and I scrubbed the one I bought at Goodwill.
After priming I then painted them in a light cream color.
As a professional wall designer and painter sponging is one of my specialties. I sponged the lamp in a tan shade and once it was sponged I re-sponged it again with the cream color I painted the lamp and then I reapplied lightly the tan color to achieve a beautiful sponging effect. The is the perfect way to get a good sponging design. It also must be done with a light hand and done softly. This re-application with the sponge makes it look professional and perfect. When I used to sponge walls for my clients the walls always came out like wallpaper, with no seams or imperfections. That's how sponging should look. What ever you are sponging whether it be walls or furniture you must reapply your colors starting with the lightest colors first and ending with the darkest colors.
 Use 1 sea sponge for each shade you will be painting with.
The first application may look a bit messy, but after you reapply your shades they will blend beautifully.

Look at the beautiful results from the sponge. After the lamp dried well I glued jute/twine around the bottom and the top.
I also used it on the neck of the lamp.
I tried this shade but I didn't like it.

This shade was perfect and I had 2 of for each lamp....YAY!!!!.
Lamp 1

Lamp 2
They both look fabulous,

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Window Dressings

I stopped at a garage sale a few weeks ago and look what I found for $8.00. Some champagne cream silk panels and these beautiful grey valances. They look lovely.
I am slowly giving my bedroom a little mini makeover. My new colors are taupe-greys, champagne cream, chocolate brown and as accent colors-robin egg blue and amber gold. Its looking great. Future photos will be coming soon.
But in the meanwhile check out my bedroom window.
I added a gold broach to make the window valances pop with a hint of color.

I love the silky curtains.

Very nice...I'm so happy.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June...A great Month Full of Sales & Free Items From Couponing

Hello There. The month of June was a great month. I found many great sales and free items all thanks to my manufacturer's coupons and our local store who cleans out their produce dept. every day and reduces the items to .50 or 1.00 dollar a bag full.
Check it out.
I stocked up on dish soap...all free.
Laundry fabric softener...$1 each.

Free makeup

Free face cleanser and moisturizers

Socks 3/$1

Shampoos for .24 cents each, mascara and all the makeup free.

great produce in mint condition...very cheap. I paid $22.00 for all these produce.

This gluten free vegan is very happy.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kitchen Mini Makeover Review With Before and After Photos

All of you know I spent 2 days doing a mini maker in my kitchen. In all the kayos of  finishing my "TO DO" list I forgot to post the before & after photos of the kitchen. The cabinets were not changed or painted because the apartment complex is installing new cabinets throughout all the photos of that change will come soon.
This is my plain kitchen before (2010).
The décor above the sink got slightly changed...before.

This is my kitchen starting to take shape before the large wooden shelf went up and the mirror above the sink was put in. Unfortunately the manager before did not kilt the wall before painting and the border design reflected through after painting. I fixed that after I kilt the border before I painted.
Kitchen 2014
After putting this wall together I decided to reinstall the shelf. I really love the shelf, plus for Christmas a few of my snowman's go on the shelf.
Here's the shelf with a new arrangement and some fresh wall paint (2014).

 This is the wall across from the shelf wall, this is the before look. (2010)

After (2014)

 Here's the shelf decorated for Christmas.

The trash can got a new facelift too with some paint...This is the trash can before.

This is the trash can clean looking.
The décor above the refrigerator...before.


 All the cupboards got new paper on the inside of each drawer and cabinet floor...a fresh bright green color to match with my new cream, brown and green décor...lovely.


I had made this wall decor from a broken wooden butcher block that fell on my hard floor and broke evenly in half...I painted, stained and glued these words before I polyurethaned it 3 is now above the sink wall to reflect my vegan joy.

This is how the joyful vegan wooden design above the sink wall.