Sunday, November 16, 2014

Used End Tables Repainted and Stained

Hi everyone...I am so happy to be back home after 2 weeks in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately my trip there was not a pleasure trip but a loving humanitarian one. One of the great highlights of my trip was the happy time I had to be around my family and to see my ailing and dying aunt.

Now that I am back I have returned to my decorating.

When I was managing my Father's rental properties about 7 years ago I reaped many rewards. One of them was getting to find many furniture my tenants left behind. One tenant left behind these two small tables. I finally took the time to paint them and refinish the top. 

This is how they were in the before stage. Though they may seem okay they were outdated and very scratched up.

I got this cranberry paint which looks pink but it isn't pink. Its a beautiful deep cranberry which I got at Walmart in their oops paint section for $5.00 dollars.

Every time I open a can of paint I always take a screwdriver and hammer and I make about 5 holes around the inside rim of the can, as shown below. This allows the paint to drip inside the can preventing an overflow of paint on the outside of the can.

After sanding the furniture I gave it 3 good coats of my semi-gloss paint. It looked great.

Then I stained the top (2 times) with a medium stain. Then I gave the top 3 coats of a water base clear gloss to protect the stain. It is beautiful.

Thought the flash makes it look pink, its actually a dark cranberry. Both tables look fabulous.

Not bad for free furniture and only $5 dollars for a gallon of paint.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Puerto Rico Trip

Puerto Rico...The Island Of Enchantment

My two week stay in Puerto Rico was very nice even though it was not a pleasure trip. I went on an urgent call because my aunt is very ill. My time there was of more work than pleasure and caring for her was a joy. She is still alive but we know her time here on earth will end soon. Her cancer has spread and there is nothing the doctors can do for her anymore.  But when I visited my Dad I got to take this lovely photo of the beautiful home in front of his house.

Isn't this house a beauty.

Here is my Dad's green home.

This is his back yard

And this is part of his side yard, a beautiful embankment full of banana plants, mango trees and Kenepa fruit trees...just lovely.

I stayed for 2 weeks with my cousin and his wife caring for my ailing aunt. Their small wooden house was dreamy. She has a green thumb for plants, so check out her beautiful plants...they are gorgeous and God waters them every morning from 4am to 6am. Her front entrance is full of palms, ferns and colorful plants.

 Her car port is full of plants of every kind.

Even the back of their house where the horses are is gorgeous full of plants.

Banana plants everywhere

And of course there are palm trees throughout the island which measures only 35 miles by 100 miles.
Puerto Rico was beautiful but too hot for me. I was dying to come home to Fall weather.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Old Stools, New Stools-Before and After Photos

When I downsized my living space I decided to eliminated my dining room table and chairs. My new apartment has a nice breakfast counter off the kitchen in which I wanted stools for. Because I am so frugal and I love to restore old furniture and getting new stools was completely out of my desire. So for 6 months I searched through thrift stores and garage sales for a nice pair of stools I can restore.

One day I went to Goodwill, there were 2 stools that caught my eye and were screaming my name and yelling help me please. When I check them out I noticed they were super sturdy and I knew I could make them look fabulous. I checked the price tag and it said $6 dollars each. Wow!!!!...I knew then they were coming home with me and this is what I did with them. 

I tore the old fabric off, sanded them well and I stained them before re-upholstering them.



This is the actual fabric color.

The chairs came out fabulous.

The bright shine on the chairs is the sun glare from my sliding door.

They look lovely in with my breakfast counter.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Puerto Rico - La Isla Del Encanto- Con Orgullo! (April 2012)

Sorry for not blogging, but I will be in Puerto Rico until November...I will be back with lots of photos. Until then, take care.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thrift Store Find

 Hello are you?
I am so happy your back.

I absolutely love thrift stores. There are so many things that can be found there. Not too long ago I found this white metal carrier. I picked it up for .50 cents and after placing a silk plant in it, it became a nice addition to my new mini bathroom makeover...check it out.

It looks lovely...not bad for .50 cents right?