Monday, June 29, 2015

First Stage, Dresser Makeover

My Shabby Chic bedroom is slowly coming along. The dresser got the first stage of its transformation. 



This dresser has been sanded well, primed and painted a soft creamy yellow in a satin finish to prepare it for its next stage. The second stage will have the doors hand painted to go with my shabby chic design. The third stage is to age it and make it look old and vintage.

So stay tune, a new dresser will appear in a few weeks.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shabby Chic Master Bedroom Almost Completed

So here is my shabby chic master bedroom almost completed. I still need to paint and distress this week the tall dresser and put in the large cream area rug. It is looking very pretty from before.  





Lovely soft cream and rose colored pillows



Soft cream star crochet bedspread

Old hats from the forties adorn the room

Burlap laced candle

Old spindle holder, distressed to fit in the new decor


This old desk was bought at a garage sale for $5 dollars, I painted it for my bedroom


 Painted a soft yellow for the bedroom made the room look fabulous..


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wedding on a Budget

Hi everyone....

This post is very special. I got a call from my cousin asking me if I would help her with her parents surprise 43rd wedding party. After being married by the court for 43 years they decided to make it official by getting married through their church. I shared with her how a shabby chic decor in cream, tan and white is very pretty and modern. I used all my white and tan sheets and curtains to decorate the pavilion and we made all the decor together. We only had to order some white tablecloths and we  bought some tulle & babies breaths to complete the decor, everything else to decorate was taken out of my shabby chic bedroom. Everything came out great and I even did all the cooking for 100 guests. The wedding expenses was about $500 dollars....good job for doing the food and the decor on a strict budget. 

These tables were full of homemade baked good.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Master Bedroom Is Slowly Getting a Change

 Due to the fact that my bedroom is not very big in size, I did some rearranging of furniture to make the room look larger.
This large 7ft dresser was put in the living room and on that wall I put my bed.


After moving the bed to the other wall and the dresser was moved to the living room...the bedroom is still a work in progress.

On the right side is my makeup table.

On the left I put a smaller dresser with jewelry and under clothes. I am now on the hunt for 4 old shutters or an old door to use as a headboard for my bed.

I just love the soft amber yellows, taupe's and burgundy tones.

This wall is going to be changed

This black dresser is going to be painted another color...I will post photos of what I plan to do to it.

My makeup corner is not arranged yet but it will be done by next week.