Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rooms to love

Hi everyone.
Its been pretty busty and painful one.
I had been decorating and finishing some projects that go with my new modern farmhouse decor. Unfortunately, all my projects had to stop when my right knee gave out and the dreadful pain began. We are now talking about surgery. Wish me luck.

Here are some lovely rooms that have their own beauty.

I am madly in love with this dining table and all the chairs. 

Love the lighting.


This is the magic of creativity and good decorating eye.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

2018 Home Tour...The New Living Room 2018

Hello and welcome to my home which is still a work in progress. Much progress has been made since January 2018 and I wanted to give you a small glimpse of what I have done so far. 

After cleaning well the entire apt. of the previous colors and decor, I gave away a lot of it, restored furniture, repainted, reupholstered, and rearranged the apt. to suit the modern farmhouse look. As you know I try to not to spend much money on anything, so everything that was needed to be done has been done by me, no paid labor. A lot of work and time and very little money has been spent redecorating my home for 2018. That is a frugalicious chick.

I will be posting one room at a time, so welcome to my living room.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

2018 Vegetable Garden Photos

Hi Everyone, 
I am so excited to say I am well and working hard in my home. As you know this was the year I completely redecorated my home. Its been a busy year as of January 1st. But with all the redoing here, I did take time to planting my vegetable garden as I have done for the past 10 years. Here are just a few of my 64 pots that are full of veggies and it is all grown on my apt. balcony. Where there's a will. there's a way


Red, black & Kidney Beans

peppers, romaine lettuce, kale & regular green lettuce

Lovely delicious baby kale

more beans

large pink & purple tomatoes



and my sweet 78-year-old neighbor gifted me a large bunch of freshly picked cilantro from his son's garden.

Thank you for stopping by.