Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Simple & Inexpensive Organiztion

The organization of a home is so important to keep it looking neat and lovely. Here are some ideas I have in my home that keeps everything nicely organized and looking great. 

Organizing makeup brushes in a small clear glass and some decorative clear floral beads look amazing.

Inexpensive pastry plate found in a thrift store can become a great place to organize your nail polishes.

 Either you can make this yourself with craft pots and a small stand sprayed painted to match your makeup area is a great way to organize those tall eye brushes. And use a small piece of Styrofoam to put inside those small pots to hold all the eye brushes in place.

Nice clear caddies are great for organizing also.

 A shelf turned upside down becomes a good holder for the bathroom necessities, books or even to organize your makeup. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

7 Amazing House Plants

There isn't a nicer way to decorate a home than with beautiful Plants. Plants that give out fresh are. prevent the home getting insects and musty smells. 
Here are the 7 best plants for every home full of fresh air and beauty.

Lilies or Easter plants, palms & Tropical plants...Enjoy.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Helping the Less Fortunate in Puerto Rico

The Catholic church in my apt. grounds has been busy since Saturday collecting food and water for Puerto Rico. This work of love will continue until Saturday of this week, then everything will be flown to the island.
These people haven't stopped working for a minute.



Ensure Shakes

Dog and cat food

As of yesterday they were moving all the cat & dog food to the stage because there was so many of them.

Paper Products all boxed up and ready to be loaded in trucks.

It is packed from 10am to 7pm.