Monday, September 18, 2017

Part 2...Beautiful Makeup Space

Every girl always wants to have her own makeup studio right in her home. And putting one together is not hard, you just need motivation and a creative mind.

Here are some photos to inspire you and different ways you can create that makeup studio come true.



Decorating tips

Color is so beautiful even if it's used very sparingly. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Before and After Table

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I had to share a beautiful transformation a friend of mine did with one of her side tables.  i

So here's the before

And here's the after

She did a stunning job.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Little Girls Kitchens made out of Wooden Side tables, Cardboard & Entertainment Centers

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I never had a girl, God blessed me with 2 boys, but he also blessed me with 2 
granddaughters, so I did get my girls. When my youngest girl told me how she loved dollhouses...I decided to make her a dollhouse. Well I made her dollhouse out of cardboard, even the furniture. 

This is the dollhouse I made for my grand-daughter in 2015. It is all made out of boxes, aluminum foil rolls  for marble columns and lots of free wallpaper that were discontinued from a dept. store and free carpet squares from Home Depot. It took ma a whole year to complete and even the furniture was all done with  boxes. The columns were foil rolls and then since I am a wall designer and painter, I made them look like marble columns. I used copper pennies to make the roof.

Kitchen design #1

Kitchen design # 2
I made 6 different sets of valances & rugs so the decor could be changed.

Living room

I sewed 12 different bedspreads and valances so the decor can also be changed whenever they wished.

Kitchen design #2

 I wanted to show you all some great little girls furniture that they can play with made out of side tables, cardboard & entertainment centers.

Before & after

Thank you for stopping by. I hope these ideas can trigger your imagination for your little girl's play house..